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Outdoor Recreation in and Around Las Cruces


There are tons of things to do outdoors in and around Las Cruces. This page will have more and more added so you won't get bored!

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Archery in Las Cruces



Join the Organ Mountain Bowmen Archery Club. They meet at the Game & Fish Dept. on Northrise in Las Cruces on the first Tuesday of the month.


Astronomy in Las Cruces



The Astronomical Society of Las Cruces hosts a public Moongaze each month, star parties for schools, scouts and various organizations. Check out their site for observatory locations and upcoming Moongaze dates.


Auto Racing in Las Cruces


Auto Racing

Every Saturday night, from the end of February thru the beginning of November. Gates open at 5 pm, races start at 7:45 PM.

Southern New Mexico State Fairgrounds
11 miles West on I-10, exit 132
(575) 524-7913

Balloon rides in Las Cruces



Try contacting the Greater Mesilla Valley Aerostat Ascension Association, they are the local hot air balloon club for pilots and balloonists in Las Cruces, Alamogordo, Deming, Albuquerque, and beyond.


Bicycling in Las Cruces



Riding a bicycle is great exercise and there are lots of areas all around Las Cruces to ride a bike. Many of the city streets are bike-friendly with marked bike paths. If you don't want to bike alone try joining the Bike and Chowder Club of Las Cruces. They ride every Thursday and Saturday morning.

Bird Watching in Las Cruces


Bird Watching

Grab your camera or binoculars and head out for the Mesilla Valley Bosque, just South of Las Cruces or make a day trip of it and head for Bosque del Apache. Winter is the best time for viewing.

Mesilla Valley Bosque Website

Sledding at White Sands National Monument


Boarding Sports

Rent a sled at White Sands National Monument and slide down the pure white dunes. In the winter, go up to Ruidoso and tube in the snow. When you turn up the road to go to Ski Apache, just past the gas station is a tubing area on the left. Go have fun!

White Sands Website

BMX Race Track in Las Cruces


BMX Racing

Every Saturday. Local youth and adult BMX racing. 6:00 PM. Free admission.

Roadrunner BMX Park
Hadley Avenue & Walnut St.
Las Cruces, NM
(575) 526-7924

Camping in Las Cruces



The day temperatures in Southern New Mexico are pretty hot now, but the nights are nice, so grab your sweetie and get out there and enjoy nature. Cloudcroft isn't too far of a drive, lots of pine trees and cool temps! Even if you only go as far as your back yard, you can still have a lot of fun camping out.

Canoe rides in Las Cruces


Canoe and Kayak

When the Rio Grande is a river again, get someone to take you up to the Leasburg Dam area and float down from there. Or, try paddling around in Caballo Lake or Elephant Butte Lake.

Caving near Las Cruces



Plan a day trip to Carlsbad Caverns in Carlsbad, NM. This cave is definitely worth the visit. Wear a jacket and take your camera.


Road Trips around Las Cruces



Jump in the car and go for a leisurely drive. Go south up highway 28 taking in all the different crops that are grown in the valley, through the pecan orchards and stop in the tiny town of La Mesa at the famous restaurant/biker bar, Chope's for lunch. Or go north on 185 to the small town of Radium Springs and have a cold one at the Blue Moon Bar.

Fishing in Las Cruces



There were some pretty good size catfish in the Rio Grande, when it was a river, but not anymore. Head up to Elephant Butte Lake or Caballo Lake for Catfish, Walleye, Bass, Crappie, Northern Pike and Sunfish. Take a trip to Snow Lake, Bill Evans Lake, Bonito Lake or any of the other small mountain lakes for some great trout fishing.

Four-wheeling in Las Cruces



Go four-wheeling on any of the dirt roads on public land around Las Cruces. Or join the Las Cruces Four Wheel Drive Club and try your skills in the really rough stuff.


Gardening in Las Cruces



Gardening is a relaxing hobby that almost anyone can do. Plant a vegetable garden, some fruit trees or maybe a butterfly garden or some plants that attract birds. Las Cruces has a long growing season and given the right soil, light, water and fertilizer your garden should flourish. For more on plants and trees that do well in the desert Southwest, check out this website.

Golfing in Las Cruces



Hit a few at one of the many golf courses around Las Cruces.

NMSU: University Golf Course
Sonoma Ranch Golf Course
Picacho Hills Country Club
Red Hawk Golf Club

Go Kart riding in Las Cruces



Sorry no Go-Karts in Las Cruces, but there is a track not too far away in Alamogordo, Active Fun Golf & Go-Karts. Also, over in Ruidoso there is another nice track at Pillow's FunTrackers Family Fun Center. Pack up the kids and make a day of it!

Active Fun info: (575) 437-9175

FunTrackers Website

Hang Gliding in Las Cruces


Hang Gliding

Ever thought of flying or soaring like a bird? Hang gliding is probably the closest thing to having feathers. Southwest Airsports can train you in the sport of paragliding.


Hiking trails in Las Cruces



There are lots of hiking trails around Las Cruces. Get on your hiking boots, comfortable chothes and a hat. Pack some water and food and enjoy the outdoors. Don't forget to tell someone where you are going.

Hiking Trails                       

Horseback riding in Las Cruces


Horseback Riding

Why not explore the desert on horseback. If you don't have a horse, you can still go for a ride, at the Corralitos Ranch, just west of Las Cruces. Go for a two hour ride or book an eight hour day trip.


Hunting in Las Cruces



Depending on the season, there are plenty of hunting oportunities around Las Cruces. Deer, antelope, oryx, quail, dove and the list goes on.

Get your license at NM Game & Fish.

If killing just isn't your bag, make your shot with a camera. Ducks, rabbits and all sorts of desert creatures are fun to capture.

kites for sale in Las Cruces  


Kite Flying

Now-a-days there are lots of beautiful kite designs to choose from. You don't have to stick with the traditional diamond shape, now you can get kites with elaborate tails and wings, and all sorts of shapes. Click on this T-Rex Dinosaur kite to see it and others.

Metal detecting in Las Cruces


Metal Detecting

Treasure hunting can be a really fun thing to do and who knows, you could make some money while doing it! You can find metal detectors at most department stores or maybe try looking at one of the local pawn shops. Do your detecting at places where people congregate, anywhere they may have lost coins or metal valuables. Take a small digging shovel with you to unearth your findings.

Motocross racing near Las Cruces



No, there isn't a motocross track in Las Cruces, but you can still practice out in the desert around Las Cruces. However, there are motocross races scheduled for tracks all around New Mexico. Check out this site for more info.


Motorcycle Joy Rides in Las Cruces


Motorcycle Joy Rides

What a great way to enjoy the beautiful Southern New Mexico weather! Take a Sunday cruise up to the Blue Moon Bar in Radium Springs or maybe go down South for a beer and some spicy enchiladas at Chope's Bar in La Mesa. Head for the Organs and Aguirre Springs or go west and check out the view of the city from "lovers lookout," the rest area overlooking Las Cruces.

Paintballs for sale



What fun, hunt down others and shoot them with a paint ball. A game of strategy and skill. Make up your own playing field with hay bales, old cars or whatever you want to hide behind.

Need Paintballs - 1500 Rounds  

People watching places in Las Cruces


People Watching

The Mesilla Valley Mall is a great place to just sit and watch the world go by. Although, If you would rather be outdoors, how about sitting on a bench under a tree in the plaza at old Mesilla.

Photography in Las Cruces



Try your hand at taking really good pics then sell them on the downtown mall. Make your own Christmas cards and postcards.

Pony Rides in Las Cruces, NM


Pony Rides

Kids can ride a pony at the Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum every Saturday. 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. $5.00 a ride.

River floats and river rafting in New Mexico


River Rafting

If and when the Rio Grande is a river again, get some friends together and have someone drop you all off up river, below the Leasburg Dam, and float all the way down to Las Cruces. Innertubes work well too.

Rock climbing in Las Cruces


Rock Climbing

There are some great rocks to climb in the Organ Mountains as well as the Dona Ana Mountains. This picture was taken, of some guys rappelling a cliff, on the road between Ruidoso and Alamogordo. There are some great cliffs in that area.


Roller derby in Las Cruces


Roller Derby

Join the Las Cruces Crossroads City Derby. Their rink is on the south side of the Meerscheidt Recreation Center.


Running in Las Cruces



Get your running shoes on and get out there! Running and walking paths are located all over Las Cruces. Here are a few trails...

Hiking, running & walking trails

Scuba diving classes in Las Cruces


Scuba Diving

Nope, you can't scuba dive in Las Cruces, but you can take the courses that are required to become certified and then take a cool trip to the Caribbean and have a ton of fun in the sun! Check out this site to learn more.

Shooting Ranges in Las Cruces



If you are going to have a gun you really need to practice with it. The Butterfield Shooting Range, located at Interstate 10 West, Exit 127 is a very nice place to do just that. Bring your own targets and have a blast!

Check out the Hunting & Shooting page.

Skydiving near Las Cruces



How about jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Skydiving Santa Teresa is close to Las Cruces and they have some fun tandem skydiving packages that you might want to check out.

Snow Skiing near Las Cruces


Snow Skiing

No snow that deep in Las Cruces, but wait why not make a weekend trip to Ruidoso. Ski Apache offers all you need for a great time skiing or snow boarding. Of course you will have to wait till winter for this activity.


Swimming pools in Las Cruces



There are several swimming pools around Las Cruces, both indoor and outdoor. If you are a student, NMSU has a very nice indoor and outdoor pool. Not a student, try Laabs, Frenger, East Mesa Bataan Memorial or the Las Cruces Aquatic Center.

Tennis in Las Cruces



Grab a partner and hit the courts. Tennis is great exercise. If you need a partner you could try joining the Las Cruces Tennis Players Association. They play year-round at Lion's Park in Las Cruces.

Membership site

Volleyball in Las Cruces



Set up a net in your back yard or if you are really good you may want to join the local Diamondback Volleyball Club.

Club info

Walking places in Las Cruces



Take a stroll with someone you love. Walking is great low-impact exercise and getting some fresh air is always a good thing. Old Mesilla is nice to wander around in or maybe the downtown mall. Las Cruces has many nice parks and most are dog-friendly so bring your best friend and play fetch as you walk.

Water parks near Las Cruces


Water Park Fun

During the summer you could go cool off at the water park in Anthony, NM. It isn't too far from Las Cruces, about 20 miles or so.

Wet N Wild Waterworld

Water skiing near Las Cruces


Water Skiing

This is a great way to cool off, but you will have to go up to either Caballo Lake or Elephant Butte Lake to do it.

Yard sales in Las Cruces


Yard Sales

Gas up the car and plan your bargain hunting day. Or, throw your own sale and make a few bucks. Yard saling can be lots of fun, you meet interesting people and you may find some treasure you just can't live without.


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